The Aquabats! & My Man Friday & Mad Max and the Wild Ones

For a few years, Provo City has been putting on one free concert a month throughout the summer. They started out on the roof of some building, but have since expanded so much that they no longer fit on one roof. Or even in one intersection.

I’ve heard of a few of these concerts, but have never gone until this past Saturday.

I didn’t really get into ska until college when I started playing in a ska band. I had heard The Mighty Mighty BossToneS, No Doubt, Reel Big Fish and Sublime on the radio – and liked what I heard. I had even purchased an Aquabats cd. But nobody told me that was ska. I did have one friend in high school who introduced me to Five Iron Frenzy, but I only listened to snippets of songs during that week or so when he showed them to me.

But a couple of years later I really started getting into ska. I was writing and playing it. I was listening to it live and recorded in studio. And I was meeting a lot of other people in ska bands and trading recommendations with them. So I discovered even more bands. Some of them local legends.

One of those legends of Utah ska was My Man Friday. And they weren’t just well known locally. They played with The Skatalites and really helped put Utah on the international ska map.

I didn’t hear about them until after they broke up. They did play once a few years ago, but I wasn’t in Utah at the time. And they played again last Saturday night. So I had to go. Continue reading