The Sun is Hot

I first discovered They Might Be Giants on a cassette tape about the time I was entering grade school. It has forever changed my musical life. And maybe someday I will write about that album.

For now, you get an EP from 1993.

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Hold no candle

For Christmas, I got two records. Yes, record-record records. True, one was made into a bowl (note: not for eating from), but the other is normal. It has a hole in it. It has grooves. It is a Blitzen Trapper album.

Most of my records are things I found at thrift stores or things my parents had. A few of them are actually more modern bands who feel like it is important to keep music tangible, rather than just information on a computer. Or even worse, in a cloud. What happens to that music then? Somehow Skynet will take over and we will not even have music. Are you proud of yourself?

The future of cloud computing

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And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make

Side two. If you missed side one, you can find it here.

Of all the songs that make me happy and hopeful, none does it quite as well as George Harrison’s folky “Here Comes the Sun.”

Written in Eric Clapton’s garden in the spring of ’69, nothing else makes me feel so … optimistic. I live in northern Utah, and when Harrison said in his autobiography,

It seems as if winter in England goes on forever, by the time spring comes you really deserve it.

I know exactly what he is talking about. My town goes is like this

Notice the horrendous quantities of white and the leafless trees.

for about 7 months every year. And when it turns into this

Notice the bounteous foliage. Compare with photo above.

The sun finally comes out from behind the smog and the mountains, and even if it is only 40 degrees outside, you feel like putting on your flip-flops, shorts, and sun-glasses just to welcome the change. If you have never really been a Beatles fan, I would suggest listening to this song.

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