Won’t Those be the Days

Do you ever find yourself listening to one band for a while, not listening to them for months or even years, and then rediscovering them? This happens to me all the time. it even happens to me with books, movies and video games.

One of the oddest experiences is when I play one song on my guitar or piano and then start playing a riff or start singing words to a different song; one I wrote years ago and stopped playing because it was juvenile and not worth keeping in my repertoire. Suddenly it is new again. Having forgotten half the words, I am forced to rewrite them. That is OK by me seeing as how I judged them unworthy of perpetuation in the first place.

That did not happen to me recently. I had a similar, although completely new, experience.

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Another American Audio-louge

My sister once asked who took the picture on my blog.

Actually, she wrote, “Quien te tomó la foto de tu blog? Está chevere.”

When I asked her to be more specific, I never got an answer. However, I thought it might be nice, for a change of pace, to post one of those blog posts people do so often nowadays where it is mostly a slide show.

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You are young, you are wild, you are free

Last month, I wrote about Gold Motel. And now we have The Hush Sound.

Real Men Love the Hush Sound

The Hush Sound was a band I did not hear about until the summer of 2009. My friend Jer had a t-shirt of theirs and was learning a song off their latest (and so far, last) album. In January, I went snowshoeing with some friends and neighbors and introduced them to The Hush Sound. Josh and Nicole, this one is for you. Continue reading

I bet it was a bumpy ride

A little over a month ago, my wife and I went to her parents’. While I was working on my computer (because that is often where I work), I was listening to music (also, because that is often what I do while I work). Most of it was generally folky, but there was some other stuff. Like Dispatch’s newest EP. Continue reading

The Itch that You Can Scratch

This is Jer.

I have to warn you: if you are like my mother, you probably will not like most of the music by this band. Just FYI.

My friend Jer introduced me to a trio from England called TAT last week. The lead singer’s name is Tatiana DeMaria. Jer initially described her as “a little rough around the edges.” I would call that an understatement.

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