I Probably Wouldn’t if I Could

Since the spring of 2014, some of my friends and I have been sharing music to listen to while we work. Sometimes we review that music and share those reviews with one another.

Dixie Chicks – Not Ready to Make Nice (2006)

This week I’ve not been feeling well, so combine that with the holiday … and that means I just shared one song. And since I totally missed the Grammy’s this year, I’ll make it a Grammy winner for Best Song. Continue reading


On Songwriting


I was talking to one of my guitar-playing coworkers about music and he asked me about how I find inspiration to write. I told him it’s both way easier than he might think, and also much harder than he might think.

Partly, it just takes time. Thomas Edison is famously quoted as saying that he never failed when perfecting the lightbulb; he learned things that didn’t work. Continue reading

Am I Just Sending Words into Outer Space

For a couple of years some of my friends and I have been sharing music. We’re supposed to review/rate what gets shared with us, and share those reviews with the group, but that doesn’t always happen.

Katy Perry – One of the Boys (2008)

I’ve heard a couple of songs off this album, but most of my perception of Katy Perry is based off her next album and it isn’t super favorable. I can appreciate her songwriting ability – something most pop stars don’t seem to bother themselves with. So when Tim suggested this album, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Continue reading

Everybody Knows It Hurts to Grow Up

For more than a year, some of my friends and former coworkers have been sharing music. The idea is that we’re supposed to review/rate what’s shared with us, then share those reviews with the group, but that doesn’t always happen.

Ben Folds – Rockin’ the Suburbs (2001)

I’m sure that Ben himself wouldn’t really care at all about this, but I used to listen to more of Ben Folds Five and his solo stuff. I don’t now because I feel like he casually swears quite a bit. It would be one thing if there was some emotion behind it (at least I could credit him with passion), but it seems like he does it because he can – because he’s not in junior high any more – which I don’t really care for.

I don’t know. Maybe I was overly sensitive as a teenage. This album isn’t that bad, but my general impression of him is that he’s just kind of flippant about his language. Moving on… Continue reading