Not So Daisy Picture Perfect Anymore

For more than a year, some of my friends and I have been sharing music. We’re supposed to review/rate what gets shared with us, and share those reviews with the group, but that doesn’t always happen.

Bon Jovi – Lost Highway (2007)

Tim shared another Bon Jovi album. Some people might be annoyed that I’ve shared quite a bit of ska or video game music, but at least I’m not sharing the same three artists. The only times I’ve repeated an artist is because nobody reviewed them the last time, so I tried again. If a band drastically switched genres, I wouldn’t be so annoyed. But the game is more about giving others something that you like to listen to while they work, and not necessarily about always coming up with something new every week. So while it’s a little lazy, it’s not really that big of a deal. I just have to vent for a paragraph. On to the review. Continue reading


Now Every Tender Failure Seems to Overthrow Old Dreams

For more than a year, some of my friends and I have been sharing music. We’re supposed to review/rate what gets shared with us, and share those reviews with the group, but that doesn’t always happen.

Piglet – Lava Land (2005)

This week Spencer shared some instrumental math rock. You can find the whole six song EP on their bandcamp site here. Continue reading

A Lullaby for Me

I wrote this song for a TuneStorm. A TuneStorm is a kind of online experiment (an uncompetition if you will) where you are given a prompt and you are expected to carry it out in your own style, using your own ideas, instruments, background, etc.  Like musical brainstorming. You are expected to keep your work a secret until the big revelation day to avoid influencing other uncontenstants.

My friend Spencer has done ones where the criteria was the lyrics have to be a haiku, another where the song could only be 15 seconds long, and another where the song had to be angry but you couldn’t use words. Continue reading

Meaningful Memories

I started a new job in October. I also decided I needed to write more music, so I set a goal to write one new song a month.

To give me some momentum, I cheated and reworked a song I started writing in 2008, but never finished. But the song started forming in my head years before. Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda, part 2

Today we continue our adventure through the bleeps and bloops of 8-bit Nintendo soundtracks.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link seems to be one of the most hated Zelda games. It was different from the first game, and most fans did not like the changes. I chalk it up to a poorly timed experiment. Some things did not work well for what people expected from The Legend of Zelda at the time. However there were some things which the game introduced which have since become staples in the franchise.

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Won’t Those be the Days

Do you ever find yourself listening to one band for a while, not listening to them for months or even years, and then rediscovering them? This happens to me all the time. it even happens to me with books, movies and video games.

One of the oddest experiences is when I play one song on my guitar or piano and then start playing a riff or start singing words to a different song; one I wrote years ago and stopped playing because it was juvenile and not worth keeping in my repertoire. Suddenly it is new again. Having forgotten half the words, I am forced to rewrite them. That is OK by me seeing as how I judged them unworthy of perpetuation in the first place.

That did not happen to me recently. I had a similar, although completely new, experience.

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Another American Audio-louge

My sister once asked who took the picture on my blog.

Actually, she wrote, “Quien te tomó la foto de tu blog? Está chevere.”

When I asked her to be more specific, I never got an answer. However, I thought it might be nice, for a change of pace, to post one of those blog posts people do so often nowadays where it is mostly a slide show.

Also, I am in the middle of changing jobs and I just do not want to put too much thought into a blog post. Continue reading