All that He Wants, If Not All that He Needs

For a few years, some of my friends and I have been sharing music. Sometimes we review that music and share our comments with the rest of the group – but that doesn’t always happen.

Mustard Plug – Evildoers Beware! (1997)

Next week is the four-year anniversary of my friends and I playing this game. I have no idea what I’m going to do for that.

But at the end of next week, some friends are releasing an album. And while I don’t know what their sound is like, I know what their last band sounded like: Mustard Plug. So before I share my friends’ album (look for that in two weeks), I thought I’d put it in context and share this album.

Mustard Plug is a ’90s ska band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I spend a couple years living in GR, and discovered them there when they released a new album. These guys have a distinct wound, even compared to other contemporary ska bands. There’s a certain raw quality to them.

Their biggest hit isn’t on this album. But Beer is pretty well known. Don’t get it confused with the Reel Big Fish song of the same name that came out a couple of years earlier. Another hit off this album is You. Here’s the official music video:


Additionally, one of my favorite songs off this album is Sadie May.

Songs that other people seem to hold up as notable include Box, Never Be, Mendoza, Go, Jerry, and Miss Michigan. They aren’t bad, but don’t stand out to me. And again, don’t confuse Never Be with the RBF song that came out earlier.

Now, I’m not saying these guys are awesome. They’re pretty good, and I’d suggest checking out their greatest hits. But their style isn’t for everyone. It’s not even for all ska fans (present company included). They’ve got good horn lines and a lot of energy, even if I don’t love their vocalist and the tone of their guitars. But I’m giving you some historical context so that the I album I share two week from now makes a little more sense.

If you have any thoughts on Mustard Plug, please feel free to share them in the comments section down below. If my friends ever review this album, I’ll post their replies here.


2 thoughts on “All that He Wants, If Not All that He Needs

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