Does it Remove All of Our Pain?

For a couple of years some of my friends and I have been sharing music with one another. We review/rate what gets shared with us, and share those reviews with the group.

This week, we did something different. We tried an audio review; a pilot podcast episode.

Editors – The Back Room (2005)

There’s something about his voice I can’t pin down that reminds me of some more famous late ’90s/early ’00s alt. rock band. I’m not sure I nailed it exactly, but I’d say they’re kind of Tonic meets The Strokes meets Foo Fighters meets David Bowie meets The Bravery. And (I didn’t realize this until after we recorded) the late Chris Cornell.

Generally it seemed kind of generic early 2000s alt. rock with some ’80s influence, but while it never exactly strayed from the comfortable, it didn’t feel cookie cutter either. That’s a delicate balance. I think high school me would have liked them even more than I do now, but even if there wasn’t anything mind blowing, they’re still a solid band. 3.2/5

Fingers in the Factories and Open Your Arms were my two favorite songs. Open Your Arms had really good energy and (like Blood) had a really good build-up to the climax. Distance was alright, but it should have come before Open Your Arms. I also really liked Bullets.

Fall was a good change in tone, but it overstayed its welcome a little. Camera was alright, but I think it was too soft, too soon after Fall. It would have been better if it switched places with Fingers in the Factories.

We didn’t talk about any of the bonus tracks, but Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home is worth looking up. Most of the other songs were alright, although you can skip Release. It suffers from what we talked about early in the podcast: it just gets repetitive.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts down in the comments section.

Also, here’s a Spotify playlist with the full versions of the song clips included in this episode:


2 thoughts on “Does it Remove All of Our Pain?

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