So Go Do What You Like, Make Sure You Do It Wise

Some of my friends and I share music with one another to listen to at work. We’re supposed to review/rate whatever’s shared with us, but that doesn’t always happen.

Green Day – Dookie (1994)

More Green Day! This time, throwing it back to their third album (and probably one of their best known).

I don’t think I’ve listened to this whole album in almost 20 years, which means I’ve forgotten more than I remember about it. Like the breakdown in Welcome to Paradise, which is pretty sweet.

Chump is one of those songs which I feel could have been a single, and I like it more than Longview. Pulling Teeth is great, too. It feels like a Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies cover of some early ’60s proto-psychedelic pop rock song.

I don’t know if I’ve ever thought of it this way before, but I realized upon listening to this album that it’s the bass that makes it interesting. Maybe the drums, too. The point is that the guitar and vocals are pretty straight ’80s punk influence, while the bass gets creative. What’s his name goes all over the place, but stays grounded in the key and chords the song is written in.

This is a really solid album, with no real lowlights (except the hidden track, which was just juvenile). 3.26/5

Here’s what my friends had to say:

“Listening to this I kind of realized that I’m still not really into punk rock, unless its laced with nostalgia. The hits here, I really enjoyed. I remember as a 7th grader in JR High school, the end of year talent show stared a band of 9th graders and they covered When I Come Around (and Blur’s Song 2) and it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. It gave me my first taste of what live rock was like and I from then on wanted to be in bands. So that song is special to me. Basket Case and Welcome to Paradise are the other two I remember. The rest of the tracks, which I have heard before, still seem fairly forgettable. Its definitive classic punk, even a fairly strong album, its just not my music. 4.0/5 cause of the hits.” – Spencer

The Shins – Heartworms (2017)

Here’s a band I’m surprised we haven’t had in the almost three years we’ve been playing this game. I’ve never listened to a whole album of theirs – just whatever songs might be on the radio or a movie/TV soundtrack.

Painting a Hole was kind of a low-light for me. On my second listen through I wanted to just skip past it. I didn’t, but only because I was trying to figure out what it was that I didn’t like. I’m still not sure.

But that’s also true of some of the songs I did like. While I like the easy feeling of Mildenhall, the acoustic mixed with the simple programming, I can’t say why I like the electronic weirdness of Fantasy Island. I also liked the title track and the dreamy So Now What.

For the most part, this album was fine. Songs like Rubber Ballz and Half a Million walked a fine line; a little weird, but usually not too weird. 3.18/5

From my friends:

“This is a really solid album. I’m surprised we haven’t shared them before given their cult status. I’ve never listened to a Shins album before, but this was enough to make me want to listen to more.

I really liked how the different sounds merged for a central sound, yet still retained their distinct properties. If I’m being honest, I almost gave the album a 4, but something about it felt like they were holding back. Almost like a conscious decision NOT to be great. It was weird. Anyway, it was a solid album and worth the listen.” 3/5 – Tim

Imelda May – Mayhem (2004)

I discovered Imelda May after some of her songs were in the soundtrack for Wild Target (which is a tremendously funny movie).  She’s Irish and fronts a more or less rockabilly band. I had a hard time deciding if I should share this album (her second) or her first one, so if you like this, look up the bonus tracks and her first album (Love Tattoo).

Here’s what my friends had to say:

“I REALLY liked this album. In fact my appreciation grew with each track, until at the end I felt like there should be more. Her voice is just awesome, and blends incredibly well with the music itself. It felt like a new take on a classic sound, and honestly, I would like to see more of this in today’s music (albeit not as a dominant force, but a flavor). As you can imagine, I liked the flow from song to song, the placement was great. So yeah, loved it.” 4/5 – Tim

“This was surprising. I felt like it was outside the typical rockabilly offerings. She has a great voice. My favorite track was the surf rock laden Psycho. Tainted Love was a great rendition of a familiar tune and came at a perfect place in the album. I enjoyed it so much that I went and listened to Love Tattoo right after, but I felt this one had a bit more breadth in the music. I’m glad you shared this.” 4.3/5 – Spencer

Leave your own comments on any of these bands or albums down in the comments section.


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