I’m Quite Sure that You’ll Tell Me Just How I Should Feel Today

Some of my friends and I share music with one another while we work. We’re supposed to review/rate what gets shared with us, and share those reviews with the group, but that doesn’t always happen.

Orgy – Candyass (1998)

Last week‘s Gin Blossoms got me into a ’90s kick which then got me into some guilty pleasures and albums I bought because of one or two great songs while the rest of the album gets listened to mostly out of nostalgia.

Enter Orgy. These guys are a three- or four-hit-wonder band. Their cover of Blue Monday caught my upper-middle-class-angsty-teenager attention and I picked up this album. I thought I was so cool and rebellious listening to industrial metal. Fair warning: quite a few of these songs drop the f-bomb. Dissention uses it a ton.

I also bought their second album (Vapor Transmission) and thought about sharing it this week, but while that album is a bit more accessible and main stream (or at least more melodic and less distorted) than most of Candyass, it also seems to have less emotion and it all blends together more. So I can only really recommend Fiction and Opticon from that one.

Nowadays I only really come back to Blue Monday, Stitches and the two tracks from Vapor Transmission. There are some tracks on this album (like Fetisha or Gender) I have a hard time getting through.

Also, way back when Tim shared Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, her song Government Hooker really reminded me of Orgy. After you listen to this album, listen to that song.

Here’s what my friends had to say:

“well, industrial metal just doesn’t seem to be my thing. It has some cool sounds, but the songs all seemed to blend together. Blue Monday must have been on the radio or something because I’ve heard it before and looked up the original and didn’t recognize that version. Pantomime had a good beat that made me notice, but other than that, meh. 3.0/5” – Spencer

“Not a fan of this one. I mean I like hard rock and metal, but this one just seems to be loud for loud sake. Not a lot of finesse here. It just seems to be angry voice, with angry banging on instruments…there is an art to metal, and this misses by far.” 1/5 – Tim

Share your thoughts about Orgy or even share your own guilty pleasure down in the comments section below.


3 thoughts on “I’m Quite Sure that You’ll Tell Me Just How I Should Feel Today

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