When You’re Gone, I Grow Colder

For a couple of years, some of my friends and I have been sharing music with one another. We’re supposed to review/rate whatever’s shared with us, but that doesn’t always happen.

The White Stripes – Elephant (2003)

This week Spencer started us of with a kinda weird dude and his sister wife who really know how to rock.

Aside from the album opener, I hadn’t heard any of these tunes. And that’s too bad. There are some really great tunes on here. I feel like one of their defining features is the simpleness of their sound. Tunes like You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket really take that home, but there’s plenty of other simple sounding songs with complex. They play up their strengths so well, I don’t usually notice it’s just the two of them playing blues-based hard rock. There are obviously some overdubs, but they don’t bother adding in bass. Just because they can doesn’t mean they need to, and I think it works.

I loved Meg’s vocals on In the Cold, Cold Night. I feel like Jack uses two different singing voices, one has is more harsh and has more swagger to it and I don’t care for that one. The other one seems … not smoother, but more honest if that makes any sense. I want to hear more of that voice and Meg’s voice. Although the closing track was a little weird. Actually, I felt like the last third of the album fizzled.

There were also a couple of bonus covers which I think were worth looking up. 3.4/5

Here’s what my friends had to say:

“Love this album, but the one after it (Get Behind Me Satan) I like even more. I can remember first hearing “Seven Nation Army” off my mission and thinking it was actually an older song. I didn’t give them a chance for awhile, but when I did I fell in love. “Black Math” is one of my favorite songs by them.” 8.5/10 – Chris

Daft Punk – Discovery (2001)

The opening track made me not look forward to what what coming in the rest of the album. It seemed pretty mindless and repetitive. And I really didn’t like the auto-tuned Vocoder.

But I was really impressed by Aerodynamic. I thought it had a sweet groove. I liked the theme it set up and I liked the variations on that theme, although I didn’t really care for the drums or the synth voice they chose near the end.

I have listened to Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger before – and it was good – but Crescendolls got me to turn up the volume. Repetitive? Yes, but it felt like a ’90s cartoon having a crazy party and it was pretty fun. Vaguely reminding me of TV shows seems to be a theme of theirs. Digital Love was interesting. It felt like a blend between some pop punk rock song from my teens and the theme song from a TV show my dad used to watch as a kid.

Something about Us was kinda funky and I liked it. It grew on me as the song went on. Voyager also grew on me. The last half of the song especially.

I liked this album, but I think I liked Alive 2007 more. Mostly I just felt like they didn’t change quite fast enough for me. It’s like cooking bacon. You want it nice and crisp, but even a few more seconds and it gets burned. Some of these riffs lasted a little too long before changing. And Too Long was definitely too long. 3/5

From my friends:

“A fantastic dance pop album. You guys ever noticed just how much this album has shaped the current pop atmosphere? For better and worse, probably. But this is easily one of the most influential albums of the last 15 years, in its own stealthy way. “One More Time” is my favorite, because I remember hearing it on my mission and being pretty enamored. “Harder Better Faster Stronger” is another classic. Love Daft Punk” 8.5/10 – Chris

“I’ve listened to this a few times before to see if I can finally “get” EDM. But nope, still don’t get it. I was kinda dreading another listen actually, but it wasn’t as bad as I remember the first few listens. If I have to listen to an EDM album at least its one of the best ever, and I really see why. Its well done, and they have some really great hooks in there like Harder Better Faster Stronger and One More Time. But in each track, I just can’t help but feel its too mechanical. I’ll listen to a 10 minute jam on a single riff from a good band, and something about the subtle perhaps even subliminal differences each time its played keep me engaged, but play a loop 3 times and I tire. Its alright once in a while, but usually I don’t finish a whole song, let alone an album. So really for me its a 2.9/5, though I can see that its really well done EDM, its just that the genre doesn’t really get me going.” – Spencer

Arcade Fire – Funeral (2004)

I thought about sharing some vigigame sound tracks, like Medal of Honor, but I didn’t. Obviously. They have good music, they just tend to become background.

So I moved to Arcade Fire, who I had thought about sharing last week, but I didn’t. Again, obviously. Partly, like Kansas, I had a hard time choosing what to share. And in my mind The Decemberists and Arcade Fire are very similar, and I didn’t want them in the same week. So you get them this week.

So here you go. Maybe less of an indie rock opera than what we had last week, but I think they have a similar feel. Sure there are some tunes I don’t totally care for, but the album as a whole is really good. Some highlights for me include Wake Up, Rebellion and (to a lesser extent) Une Année sans Lumière and Power Out.

Here’s what my friends had to say:

“One of the strongest debut albums in recent pop culture history. It might not be my favorite album of theirs (Neon Bible I think I like a little more) but it is kind of hard to choose with these guys. It actually took me awhile to warm up to this band. I didn’t love this album at first, but it has aged remarkably well. “Wake Up” is an arena ready classic that will never die. The whole album is good, and even if not my immediate favorite of this week, it’s probably the one album without a weak track in my opinion. Also, I met these guys when I saw them live. They’re nice.” 8.5/10 – Chris

“I guess I’m still warming up to these guys. I’m pretty sure I’ve checked them out before but I just don’t like the vocalists. I’m having a hard time getting over that, but after trying harder to like it, I see why Paul said they were like the decemberists, I like the music and writing but the singer… so warbley. I’m going to give it another listen but still I’m feeling like this is just kinda 3.5/5” – Spencer

“This one was good, but nothing more for me. It felt like they had really good ideas, but when it came to executing they weren’t quite up to their potential. I did enjoy it, and I might even listen again, but I didn’t think it was amazing by any means.” 3/5 – Tim

Share your own thoughts down in the comments.


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