Laughing Too Loud When We found We Were Locked Out

For almost two years, some of my friends and I have been sharing music. We’re supposed to review/rate what gets shared with us, and share those reviews with the group, but that doesn’t always happen.

Greg Camp – Defektor (2008)

Greg Camp – songwriter, guitarist and back-up vocalist for Smash Mouth – quit the band and recorded this solo new wave garage rock album.

It was a bit of work to find this whole album. His myspace page has links to videos on YouTube, but they’re not all there. The album isn’t on Google, iTunes or Spotify. It’s a hard album to find. A site I had never heard of before (Tidido) did have it, although not the title track.

Killer Bees also had some impressive guitar work. Beautiful Disaster and Deaf had some good grooves. The Maid really stood out to me as the biggest highlight. I totally hear the early direction of Smash Mouth, but 10 years more mature. Actually, it also reminds me of Fastball.

I don’t think there was any bum tracks on this album, although I think The Armageddon Slide was the weakest.

If you like Smash Mouth, it’s worth checking out. 3/5

She and Him – Volume One (2008)

Here’s a response to Death Cab for Cutie a couple of weeks ago. This is a collaboration between musician/actress Zooey Deschanel (who was married to Death Cab front man Ben Gibbard at the time this album was recorded) and country/folk musician Matt Ward. This is total acoustic indie hipster music and I like it. It’s a little more upbeat than Death Cab generally is, but it’s still on the chiller end of my normal listening. Mostly Zooey wrote these songs, although there are a couple of covers and one co-written with fellow musician/actor Jason Schwartzman whose name has come up a couple of times in this game.

Here’s what my friends thought:

“It really reminded me of the Carly Simon album we had a few weeks ago. Kinda country-pop singer songwriter stuff that sometimes reaches into do-wop territory. Some of the more country songs were too country to me. It walked the line between them, kinda like the eagles do. So some I liked some weren’t as nice. Most of it was really enjoyable though. I liked the Beatles cover, though I much prefer the original. Still, good to know they like good material. I might listen to this again, but maybe not.” 3.8/5 – Spencer

“I really, I mean REALLY liked this album. Never thought I would say that about Zooey. It had a really nice chill and classic vibe to it. Each song flowed well to the next, and I felt the album as a whole was very cohesive. I don’t know much about editing or mixing…but this album just seemed to be really well put together, so kudos to them.” 4/5 – Tim

Please leave your thoughts down in the comments.


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