Feel the City Breakin’ and Everybodys Shakin’

For more than a year, some of my friends and I have been sharing music. We’re supposed to review/rate what gets shared with us, and share those reviews with the group, but that doesn’t always happen.

Cereus Bright – Stayin Alive (2014)

Due to the holiday, Spencer just shared one song. A cover of the classic Bee Gee’s tune, but in a not-so-classic, rather depressing Americana style.

He had mentioned this song once in a review about covers, but now he’s actually sharing this song with the group.


I’ve never really understood the lyrics. Even this version, which I prefer to the original (I mean, props to Barry Gibb’s falsetto, but I’ll take something in a modal voice register most days), I had to listen to with the lyrics in front of me to get that it was about surviving (although that part was obvious) on the streets of New York.

What I think made this version of the song were the “wordless” vocal sections and the depth added by the string section. Without those, this would just be a folk-ier version of a disco classic. With those things, it has some real meat to it. I still don’t know that I care about the lyrics, but this gets an easy 4/5.

Pogo remixes

I’ve already covered this guy on my blog, so I won’t go into that here. But since it’s a short work week, I’m just sharing some of these remixes.

You can listen to his stuff on Spotify or Google Play Music, but I think it’s best to watch his videos on YouTube. Here’s the YouTube playlist I shared with my friends:


Here’s what my friends thought:

“This is cool. I kinda like that he uses the dialog/vocals as audio effects more than trying to make messages out of them. My mind half the time is trying to figure out what they’re saying, but when I just accept that its fragmented nonsense part of the time, its pretty cool. That said, the overall effect started to get old after a while and the songs started to get the sameish. I watched it with the video most of the time, which helps because knowing the audio source adds to the wow factor. I wish now I had listened once to just the audio first, then seen the videos.

As for the production techniques, I think he may have added some auto-tune to some of the samples. I’m also surprised that he’s able to get such deep bass lines out of these old films. I wonder if he took some samples and stretches them to change pitch etc. But maybe not. To me thats cheating a bit, but does make a better production, I admit.

Overall I liked this a lot, but its not really my thing.” 3.8/5 – Spencer


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