Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

If you’ve read my blog at all in the last 9 or so months, you know why I’ve been sharing what I have. Every week, some of my co-workers and I have been sharing some of our favorite music with one another.

Except this week, it didn’t happen. I mean, I shared an album on Monday morning like I always do, but none of my coworkers shared anything. The closest I got was this:

First of all, I can’t call him Yusef. He is Cat Stevens. He will always be Cat Stevens.

And the dude sitting down to play guitar is awesome. You can tell he really cares about the performance. That was sarcasm.

Musically, it’s a really interesting cover. Not at all what I was expecting from You are My Sunshine. I like that it was different than the three chord, major key version I’m used to hearing. Along with the Jailhouse Rock get-ups, it makes me feel like this is a song they sing while they’re in a chain-gang, breaking gravel on the side of the road. Actually, at first I couldn’t exactly decide what their costumes were supposed to be. Their bass player looked like someone I would have cast in a WWII submarine film. And their keyboardist has an eye patch, which I guess doesn’t really have any bearing on what I thought the band was going for with their get ups but I still thought was interesting.

My one real criticism: three guitars, bass, and keys? It’s a little much. Kick the sitter out and give his acoustic to Cat. Then tell the keyboardist and the mustachioed hipster lead guitarist to stop soloing over one another at the end, and you’ve got a solid performance.

It’s different on the album (musically cleaner, but has some spoken Tuareg over the solos), but this version only gets a 3/5.

The Coral’s self-titled (2002)

Get ready for some psychedelic indie rock with some occasional reggae influences. Just from that description, you shouldn’t be surprised I got turned on to these guys.

The first time I heard of them was because of Lego Rock Band, where their Dreaming of You became my most played song. I love everything about it. And I can’t listen to it without thinking about the game: the scrolling colored bricks, the Rock Band fingerings, the Lego guy singing.

Some other highlights for me are Bad Man, Wildfire, and the kinda bi-polar Shadows Fall.

I don’t always know what they’re singing about , but I like the overall ‘70s feel (especially the organ sound). It’s mostly pretty simple music. I’m not sure this is their best album, but this is how I got into them.

Here’s what one of my coworkers had to say: “While many of these songs are more than enjoyable, I have a hard time connecting with the lyrics and music itself. It just doesn’t grab me. I could see a lot of musicians loving this band, kind of an insider’s appreciation. But for me, someone who doesn’t create music, I find the album to be a little mediocre as a whole. That being said, I liked it enough to give it a full listen, leading to two stars rather than one. (it’s not like it’s Radiohead or anything).” -Tim

Share your thoughts on Yusef, The Coral, or whatever else down below in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

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