A Lullaby for Me

I wrote this song for a TuneStorm. A TuneStorm is a kind of online experiment (an uncompetition if you will) where you are given a prompt and you are expected to carry it out in your own style, using your own ideas, instruments, background, etc.  Like musical brainstorming. You are expected to keep your work a secret until the big revelation day to avoid influencing other uncontenstants.

My friend Spencer has done ones where the criteria was the lyrics have to be a haiku, another where the song could only be 15 seconds long, and another where the song had to be angry but you couldn’t use words.

This TuneStorm prompt was “lullaby.” I had two ideas for this TuneStorm, and this is the second. At one point, I accidentally put in a 2/4 measure and a 3/4 measure without knowing it and had to slow it down to find why my 4/4 drum loop wasn’t fitting. I was listening to bands like Guster and Cake when I wrote it, but I wanted to channel a 90s hard rock band from Spain called Mägo de Oz.

This song is kind of about not wanting to grow up. In college, it seemed like all my friends were “growing up” and moving away. I was determined to not get too grown up as I got older and took on more responsibility. Sure I have to work an 8 to 5, but I am going to enjoy the life I am earning. And everyone I know is welcome to enjoy it with me. There are lots of allusions to my childhood throughout; The CurePeter PanWizard of Oz, Pink Floyd, etc.

This is just a demo. There are a couple of times I totally muck up the guitar, so forgive me. And I’m not in love with the current words in the second half.

I also did a slower, acoustic version (about 130 bpm and the original is 185). My wife said she liked it better slower. She said it sounds like Rooney to her, which I’m okay with. I feel like it is more like something The Eagles would have done.

What’s your favorite song about wanting to live life without work, responsibilities, etc. taking over your life? Want to suggest something I should change musically? Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “A Lullaby for Me

  1. Sounds good, Paul. I like the guitar and organ sound combo a lot. Where did you get the idea about this tunestorm? I need to make another podcast asking for tunestorm submissions. If this is just your own idea, I could do a lullaby theme for everybody and put yours on too.

    • Yeah, this was just my idea. At work, we have a social intranet (like the odd offspring of Facebook, Dropbox and Google Drive) and one of the “water-cooler” groups is for musicians. There hasn’t really been any activity there, so I took the TuneStorm idea and suggested “lullaby” as a way to get some activity. There was one other audio submission and a couple people who just wrote lyrics. It may not seem like much, but I think it was successful considering it was new to everyone. We’ll see how the next one goes.

      If you do use this in a TuneStorm podcast, let me know and I’ll link back to the whole thing from here.

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