Ska Trek

Ska TrekI play in a band called Viewers Like You. And I also play in a band called The Beam Me Up Ska-T’s.

I want you to notice two things:

First, the two top-billed bands are two I play in. Obviously, I was involved in getting that set up. What that meant for me was two hours on stage. Gratefully, it wasn’t all trombone or singing. I’m sure I could do it, but I’m glad I didn’t have to.

Second, while we meant for the opening band to be another ska band, we wound up with Funkubus, an Incubus cover band. Actually, there was some mix-up and maybe some illness which led to only two of the guys from Funkubus being able to show up. Also (like I said, there were mix-ups), they didn’t have any of their gear, so between the two of them, they used three of my guitars and two of my amps, plus a djembe they found backstage.

That being said, they were great. Mojos (the venue) usually puts up video from the shows, but they didn’t get Funkubus. Sad. But I did get this little guy.


That’s my friend Ben Oman on the left and Andy Bright on the right.

My friend, Ben, sings and plays guitar for Funkubus. I played with him in high school, which is how they ended up being asked to play this show. And I’m a little sad I don’t get to hear him play more often.

And then there was Bombshell Academy. You can tell they’re making a concerted effort to make it big. And it might be paying off. They’ve played with some big bands. They’ve been on the cover of local music magazines and on Salt Lake’s biggest alt./punk rock radio station. I know they’ve been in contention to be part of the Warped Tour when it comes through the valley, although I’m not sure they made it.

Bombshell Acadamy - Ska Trek

They opened with Save Ferris’ Spam, which is always great. There might not be a lot of difference between early No Doubt and Save Ferris, but I’d put Bombshell Academy more toward No Doubt. And then later, they busted out some Sum 41, which was greatly improved with a ska overlay.

I’m not sure it’s their fault, but I couldn’t actually understand anything she was singing about. It was just a wall of sound. So I’m sure they’ve got some great songs. Unfortunately, from where I was dancing, it all sounded the same. A bit more on the punk side of ska-punk, with a little reggae thrown in.

Actually, their sax player, Rich, was the only person on stage wearing a Star Trek themed shirt, which doesn’t really say much for a band with a Star Trek themed name.

You can check out their whole set here and here.

The rest of the show I spent on-stage, right where I like it. I hadn’t been on Mojo’s stage for about seven years. There was a big change in those seven years, including this little stage note:

That’s always a nice little reminder. You can check out photos and videos from VLY here, and stuff from The BMUST’s here and here. And after the show, the Ska-T’s made a new friend, Becca!

She found our shirt at a thrift store for a nerd dance, and thought it was a joke. But then she got invited to the show! Fun times at Ska Trek.

Also, those shirts? They say, “Boldy Going Nowhere!” That wasn’t planned. I didn’t design them, so I’m going to say it wasn’t my fault.


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