Secret Abilities & It Gets Worse

A year ago I changed jobs and moved from a college town to a bigger city. It took me a year of trying to connect with people I already knew in town to branch out a bit on a quest to find some musical collaborators. I didn’t actually have to look that far.

You see a while ago, my band played a show and we needed some other people to play with us and out trombone player suggested his brother’s band.

They happen to be based in the town I just moved to. So since I had already played a show with them once, I asked if they needed another musician.

So I joined another band.

Which was timely, because they had a show coming up.

There was supposed to be four bands, but the drummer of The Commonalities broke his ankle or wrist or something. Anyway, the point is that he couldn’t play and they couldn’t replace him last-minute, so they pulled out. And we couldn’t find another band two days before the gig.

Also, let me add here that I don’t really understand this poster. I didn’t design it. Pee-Wee Herman? Awkward. Dolly Parton in … some sort of jungle cat print? Weird. Together? Awkweird. Speaking of awkweird…. Continue reading