You Gotta Move

Every time I get into a conversation with my boss’s boss about music, she talks about all these people her husband interviewed or reviewed (Ever heard of Carl Arrington? I had not heard of him either, until she came to work for us. Apparently, he is a kind of big deal). She does not usually talk about music I have never heard before.

Recently, however, she introduced me to a Rolling Stones cover I had never heard as well as the original, which was done by Fred McDowell: “You Gotta Move.”

This came off the Stones’ 1971 album “Sticky Fingers.” The same album “Brown Sugar” is on, but the latter seems to be the only song on the album I really recognized. Which is a crying shame, really. This is the quintessential blues song.

Here is the Stones doing it live in Paris on June 5, 1976 with Billy Preston (Yes THAT Billy Preston) and Ollie Brown. It was released on their “Love You Live” album the next year.

This is just so primal and raw. I like this version so much more than the studio version. While Jagger does a passable southern American accent, having Brown and Preston sing make it so much better. And if you listen to the original, it gets even more primitive.

McDowell was well-known for saying he did not play rock and roll. Now a days, this might seem like an odd thing to say, but all the old rock bands played the blues at least a little, so the lines were probably more blurred back then. British bands, like the Stones or Led Zeppelin, especially seemed to like the blues. Maybe because it was new to them and they did not have as much racial stigmas.

The blues is what started pretty much all modern (i.e. recorded) popular music, from Country to Jazz to Rock. All this really makes me want to play more blues. Now I just need to learn to play the slide guitar.


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