Another American Audio-louge

My sister once asked who took the picture on my blog.

Actually, she wrote, “Quien te tomó la foto de tu blog? Está chevere.”

When I asked her to be more specific, I never got an answer. However, I thought it might be nice, for a change of pace, to post one of those blog posts people do so often nowadays where it is mostly a slide show.

Also, I am in the middle of changing jobs and I just do not want to put too much thought into a blog post.

This is my high school’s Jazz ensemble, named the Moonlight Orchestra, playing at one of our regular gigs in the spring of 2003 – a yearly fundraiser dinner for the band program called Moonlight Serenade. I am playing bass trombone. Ferrin Prince (trombone) and Zachary Taylor (trumpet)(but not pictured) were also members of this group who went on to play in Viewers Like You with me. I do not know of anyone else in this group who still plays music, but I do not really keep tabs on any of them. If you look at some of these other pictures, you may notice Zac and I wearing these same vests. I do not think there are any pictures of me at a younger age than this one anywhere on the interwebs. And I have no idea who took this.

Viewers Like You @ Muse, Provo. Feb. 21, 2005? I frankly do not remember. That was a long time ago. Jeremiah Graves, guitar; Devin Felix, alto saxophone (which he named Battle Cat); Tyler Whittaker, tenor saxophone; Mike Tolman, trumpet; Michael “Fathead” Hylton, drums; Z, trumpet; me, bass. Tolman has comes back to play with us from time to time, but has spent a lot of time not with VLY. This might be the first show I ever played with VLY, and maybe their third show ever. This is the only show I can remember where we did not dress up. And the only show Tyler played with us. I think this ties for the biggest VLY has ever been. I have no idea who took this. I think we played with I Voted for Kodos, Sauce, and The Upstarts.


VLY @ Logan Institute’s Battle of the Bands, Logan. April 21, 2005. I totally forgot about this show until I found this picture. I can’t tell you anything about who else played or what the results were, but it was fun. And Zac wasn’t there for some reason, which wasn’t fun. But we were rocking out, jumping up and down and we got the crowd rocking out, jumping up and down, and that was fun. I think this was Spencer Jackson (trombone)(and fellow contributor)’s first show with us. You can see him hiding behind Tolman there.

Gold Me. 2005 or 2006. VLY started to set up a web site, with the help of Ben Evjan. Across the bottom we had stop-motions rotating images of ourselves. Deh was blue. Jer was orange. Fathead was pink. Maybe that will make a comeback. Ben made me gold.


VLY @ Club Boom-Va, Ogden. Jan. 21, 2006. Deh, Bryce Garey (trumpet), me, Fathead, Jer. Club Boom-Va is either now a latino grocery store or it has been demolished. Or both. This was the only time we ever played there. And the same night as the infamous “goat-face” incident. Goat-face may have taken this. Or my girlfriend at the time. We played with Side Dish and Super Hero.

VLY @ Utah State University’s Battle of the Bands. April 18, 2006. Me, Fathead’s elbow, Ferrin (trombone), Bryce, Deh, Jer. Honestly, I do not remember much about it. This was probably the second or third BotB in which we participated. I think my girlfriend at the time took this. We played with Anesty, Control Theory, Erratic Erotica, Hasonphefer & Bombdiggity, and Johnny Most. I think.

VLY @ Mojo’s, Ogden. May 11, 2006. Me, Bryce, an aquabat, Deh, Tristan Wardle‘s foot (drums), Jer. I think this was the first time we played at Mojo’s as well. We’ve only been back once, and it was 7 years later. My girlfriend at the time took this. Or goat-face. Also, I have no idea who played with us.

Stowers Family of America reunion, West Virginia on the banks of the Ohio. Circa July 4, 2008. The reunions are always circa July 4. You have to understand, although we know how we are related, we pretty much just call one another “cousin.” My dad, banjo;  me, guitar; some cousin I do not know, guitar; Amy Openshaw, violin (or “fiddle” as they call it in bluegrass); some other cousin I do not know, guitar; Some other, other cousin I do not know, mandolin; Fred Stowers, bouzouki. My cousin Irving Stowers took this.

VLY @ WhySound, Logan. Sept. 27, 2008. Spencer, Z, Deh, Patrick Clark’s shoulder (bass), me, Patrick’s other shoulder (bass), not Fathead, Jer. I was not actually part of the band at this point. I was living with my parents, 60 miles away. I would show up every once in a while when they played shows. I have no idea who took this. They played with the Crooked Beats and Ben Johnson that night.

Shadow and Shoes. 2009. Either my friend Sarah or friend and former co-worker (and Sarah’s now husband) Josh took this. Sarah graduated in art something or other. For one of her senior project things, she made a coffee table book about shoes. I wrote up a paragraph about either my second or third show with VLY and she ran it along side this picture. Suffice it to say it was midnight, we were playing outside at a big-ish event at the University and we felt like rock stars.

VLY @ USU’s David B. Haight Alumni Center. Sept. 9, 2009. Christopher Martin (bass), Deh, Spencer, me (tuba), Fathead (flute), Z, Jer. Chris was our original bassist. He has come back from time to time to fill in when our bass player at the time cannot make it to shows. I have no idea who took this picture.

VLY @ WhySound, Logan. Dec. 16, 2011. Patrick, Spencer, Fathead, me, Z, bad art. Jer and Deh were there, just not in this shot. This was the same night we played with The Wide Awakes & Till We Have Faces. I am fairly certain Patrick’s wife Sara took this.


VLY @ Willow Park, Logan. June 1, 2013. Jer (and his beard), Fathead, Deh, Spencer, me and Patrick. I think Patrick somehow got us this gig where we played at some function for the Mountain West String Academy, who took the picture. Also, there were children.


The Beam Me Up Ska-T’s @ West Have Park, West Haven (duh). June 22, 2013. Matt, trumpet; Josh, bass; me, trombone; Tony, drums; Eric, vocals and trumpet; and Sean, guitar. The band is regularly plays West Haven Days, celebrating the sacrifices the pioneers made to settle West Haven in 1990. Again, there were children present, including my own which wouldn’t be born for eight more months.

The Morning with MarketStar show house band @ Waldorf Astoria, Park City. Sept. 19, 2013. MarketStar is the global leader in outsourced sales and marketing. Founded in 1988, the company turned 25 in 2013 (that’s what we call the maths). I was asked by the marketing department to put together a house band to play before, during and after a talk show-like (think Conan, Fallon, Ferguson, Kimmel, Leno, Letterman, etc.) event for our clients and executives. And the band had to be made up of MarketStar employees. So here’s Matt Wheelwright, violin; a long-time friend Nate Smeding, drums; my brother David, guitar; me, keys; and Derek Crowell, bass. There were no children.

And then there are pictures I took of my stage piano, bass guitar and banjo because I did not want all the pictures to be of me. I plan on adding others, like my accordion, mandolin, trombone and tuba. In case you were wondering, Flogging Molly signed my banjo when they came through Salt Lake back in 2010.


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