Talkin’ to the old man, says that I’m screwed up big…

Hi all!

Paul has invited me to contribute to the blog and I’m excited to have an Audio-logue with you.

I don’t know if you have heard of Chris Merritt or not, but he’s one of those artists I passed up seeing in concert because I didn’t know any better. This isn’t the opera singer Chris Merritt, the piano player. I first heard his song “Virginia” on Why Sound’s facebook page (the local venue). I actually thought it was a Fictionist song since their player didn’t say the artist. I found myself going back again and again to listen to that song and “Noisy Birds” by Fictionist, who I hadn’t really heard of either (I’m never on the bleeding edge of the music scene). Both these songs offered the melancholy melody I really enjoy. A week later their shows were over and Why Sound was advertising other groups that were on their way to rock little Logan for a night.

I had to find those songs again! I found Fictionist’s facebook page on which Noisy Birds and the rest of the Invisible Hand album tracks could be heard. Fictionist is deserving of their own post, and I’ll get to them someday, but that other song… where was it? I eventually trawled their entire discography without finding the track. It must have be another artist. I couldn’t look to Why Sound since their player and ads already featured others. Google to the rescue.

I remembered some lyrics and eventually found Chris Merritt, whose myspace page I have frequented in the years ensuing to listen to his music. He is a song writer. To me, a Ben Folds fan, hes the perfect balance of similarity to one of my favorite artists and individualism so that its not a clone.

His music has the diversity and musicality that makes it easy for me to listen to, sing along with, and feel inspired to write my own stuff. His lyrics stretch from down to earth (Virgina), to funny (Madison), to almost bizarre (The Singularity). As a talented artist trying hard to make it big, I definitely recommend Chris Merritt.

Check out this video.



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