Nothing Compares

I am not sure what it is, but for some reason, I do not like Walk Off the Earth.

Walk Off the Earth (from l to r): drummer Joel Cassady; multi-instrumentalists Gianni Luminati, Sarah Blackwood and Ryan Marshall; and keyboardist Mike Taylor.

If you have not heard of these guys, they have this video where people watch it, and then poo in their pants because it was so amazing. I thought about not posting it, because I (for some reason) do not want them to get more hits on their video. But since you are just going to watch it anyway, here it is. This is a cover of Gotye‘s “Someone that I Used to Know.”

Those microphones would not pick up their vocals that well from that distance. And about two minutes in, you can hear the autotune. If you do not know what auto tune is, please click here and learn some things. Anyone who has ever done recording knows you never sound this clean through just practice. And those same people know music videos are almost always done with dubbed music. You can tell where the video itself was edited together. For example, about a minute and a half in, there is a subtle, but abrupt, shift in the background lighting.

I guess one thing that makes me angry is our perception and comments about this video. Yes, our comments. That includes me. It just seems like nobody is thinking this through. And the band is not helping. I was only able to find one place where they admit to not actually doing this live for the video.

When I first saw this I swear my wife and I found a quote of them saying they did record it on the same guitar, just not all at once. Sadly, I could not find the same citation now.

I know, they have done it since. But I can not help but wonder if they had to practice it more since they started getting noticed so they could live up to people’s’ expectations.

Now, let us contrast that with a lesser known band who has been doing stuff like this for years. Enter Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand playing a cover of War‘s “Low Rider.” Live.

I know this is just one example, but why do we not see more videos of these guys floating around the internet? And, because I found this one first, here is something else they do, which I have never seen anyone else do. And this is not even the best I have seen them do it.

Okay, so I like Ryan Shupe. Maybe I just think Walk Off the Earth is over-rated. To give them some credit, I do like this video they did of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

I feel like this is the ultimate use of multi-instrumentalists. It makes me want to do something like this during a show. And even though I have no great love for ukuleles, catching flying instruments is always cool.


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