The be all and end all

I do not know if you have seen this yet or not, but during the Super Bowl Samsung ran a commercial for their new phone and it featured Justin Hawkins from The Darkness.


There are a few things we can learn (musically) from this commercial:

1. The black guy in Boston cannot sing to save his life.

2. Justin Hawkins is uglier than a box of rocks. He has always been weird, but now he has a mustache and more tattoos.

3. Catching falling guitars is pretty cool.

4. Because you just remembered who The Darkness is and that you have not heard anything from them in a while (did you even know they released a second album?), you looked them up and discovered not only did they break up, but they are back together again. Happy times.

5. If you are my mother, you do not like this music.

The Darkness (from l to r): drummer Ed Graham, bassist Frankie Poullain, vocalist/guitarist Justin Hawkins, guitarist/brother Dan Hawkins


If you keep looking, you will find a music video for a new song. And you will find a free download for it.

Not only that, but the more you dig, the more cool things you find. Like video of a show they did in November with Brian May of Queen.


There are other songs, like “I Can’t Believe It’s not Love” which I hope they will put on their new album, which is supposed to come out in a couple of weeks.

Thumbs up for Love

But for now, let me tell you a little about their first album, “Permission to Land.” I first heard about these guys my senior year of high school, which tells you about how old I am. A friend got two copies of the album and gave one to me. Score. The whole thing is filled with glamorous hard rock, starting with adrenaline pumping songs like “Black Shuck” to ballads like “I’m Holding My Own.”

The best song on the album, I think, was Love is Only a Feeling. I really love the acoustic guitar work on that. Sometimes, you just need a good power ballad.


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