We’re gonna take this sweet joy ride

Every once in a while, I remember how awesome the 80’s were.

Over the past few years, I am sure you have heard of the “live action” Transformers movies. I say “live action” because a lot of it was computer generated. But did you ever see the cartoon they released in theaters in 1986? They made a lot of references to it in the new movies. But this is not a movie review blog.

It was good (for a glorified TV Saturday morning cartoon), but I remember it most for its truly awesome soundtrack.

My wife and I started watching a TV show called Chuck around Thanksgiving. At the time, they were airing the fifth season, so it has taken a while for us to watch everything up to that point. Pretty early in Season 2, one of Chucks co-workers has to play an arcade game he has not done since the 80’s. And they play this song from the Transformers soundtrack:

To me, that song is eternally connected to the line, “Why settle for a peek, Daniel, when you can see everything from Lookout Mountain?” Hot Rod, the car, says this about 1:25 into that video.

The guy who did this, Stan Bush, also did “The Touch” later on in the movie (which was originally for the Stallone movie “Cobra”), and on the 2007 version of the soundtrack he does the Transformers theme. He seems to be the only person (other than Weird Al) who had songs in the movie and continued to be successful. Was that enough parenthetical for you?

On this soundtrack, the theme is performed by Lion, who broke up in Oct. 1989 because their drummer broke his neck after falling off a cliff during a motorcycle race.

Spectre General does two songs on the soundtrack: “Hunger” and “Nothin’s Gonna Stand in Our Way.” Not only is the actual name of the band Kick Axe, but the second song is a cover. I felt lied to when I found all that out. They are Canadian, and for some reason they changed their name for the soundtrack because of legal troubles. Kick Axe broke up in the late 80’s, but a few years ago they got back together and are touring again.

The original version of “Nothin’s Gonna Stand in Our Way” was off a movie called Savage Streets. It is different, and reminds me of Foreigner singing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” A couple of weeks ago, one of the guys in my band brought a song to practice which reminded me of this song, but a little more arena rock.

And the only thing I can find on NRG, who did “Instruments of Destruction” on the soundtrack, is off their entry on Wikipedia.

Weird Al contributed “Dare to be Stupid” to the film. I feel like most of his parodies take someone else’s song and just puts different words to it. This is a Weird Al “original,” mocking DEVO in general.

The rest of the soundtrack is just the score, by Vince DiCola.

Whenever I go snowboarding, mountain biking or anything else which requires adrenaline, I always throw this soundtrack on my iPod. Or I will, once I get another one.


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