You are young, you are wild, you are free

Last month, I wrote about Gold Motel. And now we have The Hush Sound.

Real Men Love the Hush Sound

The Hush Sound was a band I did not hear about until the summer of 2009. My friend Jer had a t-shirt of theirs and was learning a song off their latest (and so far, last) album. In January, I went snowshoeing with some friends and neighbors and introduced them to The Hush Sound. Josh and Nicole, this one is for you.

If you liked Gold Motel alright, but wished they had a little more rock to them, then you will love The Hush Sound. Goodbye Blues, their third and latest album, is a bridge between their earlier stuff and Gold Motel. It is definitely alternative pop rock, but more piano-based jangle. And Greta takes over on lead vocals more than the earlier outings.

The Hush Sound (clockwise from l): Greta, vocals and piano; Darren Wilson, drums and vocals; Chris Faller, bass; Bob Morris, vocals and guitar.

However, unlike Gold Motel, The Hush Sound also dabbles in other sounds and feels. Morris said, “You can expect some songs with balls, some songs of quirk and some groovy tunesies.”

Has anyone else noticed that Greta is the only one in focus in this picture? Or that there are people on the train?

I would concur with that assessment. Songs with balls would be “As You Cry” (which Jer and I have covered), “Medicine Man” and “Not Your Concern.” Songs such as “Honey” and “Love You Much Better” would qualify as “groovy tunesies” with their jangley swing feel. I like “Honey” much, as Greta is singing to fortune, fame and romance. Also, “Six (Interlude)” I would put into that category. Although, I wonder why they named it “Six,” when it is track seven. I wonder if they thought about that at all. Maybe it is because it is in 6/4?

“The Boys are Too Refined” is a melancholy mix of ballsy and groovy, with garnishment of ornamental, syncopated licks. I feel “Molasses,” “Hospital Bed Crawl,” “Break the Sky” and “Pretty Down to Your Bones” are in the same category, but less melancholy. In fact, the chorus for “Break the Sky” is down-right cheerful.

I thought about putting an official music video in here, but I like this live acoustic one most. It shows off their humanity. They both screw up at least once. Morris even tips his hand once.

Although “Hurricane” does not fit into any of the categories mentioned above (except “piano based”), I think it might be one of my favorites. Besides, I like the irony of it being a slow, calm song comparing some relationship of hers to a hurricane. “That’s Okay” and “You are My Home” follow in the same vein, with the latter being on the savory side of bittersweet. It makes me feel the same way I feel when I watch Pogo’s “UPular.” It is one of those songs that I wonder what they were thinking when they wrote it. And not like other songs. It makes me wonder if someone was homesick, but home was just not feeling like home. I think it was a wonderful was to end the album. Maybe someone out there in the interwebs knows.

And, because they are neat people, this album was released on vinyl. With a bonus track. Or two. I forget. Although, I wish the tracks would have shown up at other places on the album and not just at the end. And the vinyl version has a cover which does not have them on it. Frankly, I like it a little better this way.


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