Hold no candle

For Christmas, I got two records. Yes, record-record records. True, one was made into a bowl (note: not for eating from), but the other is normal. It has a hole in it. It has grooves. It is a Blitzen Trapper album.

Most of my records are things I found at thrift stores or things my parents had. A few of them are actually more modern bands who feel like it is important to keep music tangible, rather than just information on a computer. Or even worse, in a cloud. What happens to that music then? Somehow Skynet will take over and we will not even have music. Are you proud of yourself?

The future of cloud computing

Well the boys at Blitzen Trapper have found a way around that. I do not know how long they have been doing this, but when I opened up American Goldwing, I found they had included a poster. And a coupon for a free download of the mp3 version of the album.

Now, you may be asking, “Paul, why would you want an outdated, otherwise useless piece of vinyl? It can get worn out. It is fragile. It is not portable.”

Perhaps. It is also higher quality. When music gets recorded, it is loud. Usually. To get that loudness into a couple of megabytes, the song has to be compressed. When that happens, it loses quality. Yes, our technology is getting better and there is less and less lost with every passing advancement in recording. But for now, I still prefer music I can see, touch, and hear – exactly how it was meant to be. Mp3’s hold no candle to the vinyl versions.

Besides there is just something magical about hearing the scratching of the first few seconds before the music starts.

Blitzen Trapper(l to r): Michael Van Pelt, Marty Marquis, Brian Adrian Koch, Eric Earley, Erik Menteer. Multi-instrumentalists and protectors of auditory purity. And small animals.

If I could convince the rest of my band, I would press every recording onto vinyl. And it is not so people have to buy my music. For all I care, people can download it for free. If they like it, they will come to shows. It is impossible to pirate the experience of a concert. If they do not like it, they will delete it and not download more.

I could go on and on. If you have not heard Blitzen Trapper, you should look them up before the American government passes SOPA and PIPA and takes control of the whole internet. If you like good, down-home, alternative folk-rock goodness, you would like Blitzen Trapper. I just introduced my ex-coworker and his wife to them.


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