It’s perfect in my mind

Oh, Greta. I hope you keep making music.

Everyone, this is Greta Salpeter. Sometimes, you might see her named Greta Morgan, but that is not her actual name. It is a stage name. I would like to think she took my friend Jeffrey Morgan’s last name. They shared a moment once, and I am a little jealous.

Greta plays piano. And guitar. But mostly piano. She used to play with a band called The Hush Sound, but they are on hiatus now (although they are doing a couple shows in Feb. 2012).

Now she plays with Gold Motel. The rest of Gold Motel is Eric Hehr on guitar, Dan Duszynski on guitar and vocals, Matt Schuessler on bass, Adam Kaltenhauser on drums.

Gold Motel (L to R) Dan, Matt, Eric, Adam, and Greta.

From the minute I heard “We’re on the Run,” I knew I was in for something special.

Sometimes I think that bands whose songs all sound the same are not any good. I now rescind that thought. Not that Gold Motel’s songs are unoriginal. A better way to say it would be to say that they fit their genre.

I would say Gold Motel plays pop rock, but it has this jangley, oldies quality to it. Maybe it is the tambourine. Some bands are sarcastic and some are musically progressive, but Gold Motel has real feeling to it. It is music I can relate to. And it makes me feel good. There is something beautiful in the straightforwardness of it all. It gives the music power.

They remind me of She & Him, but peppier.

Others have called Gold Motel indie, however I think that is a professional status more than a genre. Indie music seems to be all about being alternative.

I think of the bands in my town that are just a guitar and drums, or two guitarists. First, as a bass player, it just seems empty downstairs. I would love to play with more people, and would not mind helping out on the bottom end. Second, a lot of these bands seem like at least one of their guitarists do not actually know what they are doing. Their chords sound unintentionally dissonant. And I am usually not impressed with their lyrics or vocals.

I digress. Gold Motel certainly has alternative qualities, but it is music that you could play around anyone. At anytime. Except maybe at a funeral. It is accessible.

Fireworks after Midnight was the only song on the album that threw me off a little. It just seems a little more down than the rest of them.

All in all, Gold Motel, while not obviously technically impressive, delivers something harder to achieve: nuggets of pure toe-tapping, auditory goodness.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “It’s perfect in my mind

  1. You ‘re totally right! Perhaps they do what ska tries to do, namely, make happy, smile inducing music? Dancing is always appropriate. (Hey, what do you think about that as an album title?)

    • I like both “Smile Inducing Music” and “(dancing is always appropriate)” as album titles, especially because getting people to dance always seems like a hard thing to do at small shows in Logan.

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