Up With the Birds

My coworker Rob is very funny. He sees things in black and white, but more energetic. Perhaps seeing things in Red and Green. Except this tendency seems to render him … colorblind, in a way.

This is Rob. At work, he’s in charge of being enthusiastic, directing customer relations and anything involving a “high five.”

He seems to assume that if you do not love something, you must hate it. For example, he asked me how I liked Coldplay’s new album. Frankly, I did not even know they had a new album. After I told him that, he said, “Oh, you hate Coldplay.”

I spent a week with him at a conference in Florida and we had a conversation like that at least every day. It just does not click with him. At some point you have to hear about something for the first time. Continue reading


Hold no candle

For Christmas, I got two records. Yes, record-record records. True, one was made into a bowl (note: not for eating from), but the other is normal. It has a hole in it. It has grooves. It is a Blitzen Trapper album.

Most of my records are things I found at thrift stores or things my parents had. A few of them are actually more modern bands who feel like it is important to keep music tangible, rather than just information on a computer. Or even worse, in a cloud. What happens to that music then? Somehow Skynet will take over and we will not even have music. Are you proud of yourself?

The future of cloud computing

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It’s perfect in my mind

Oh, Greta. I hope you keep making music.

Everyone, this is Greta Salpeter. Sometimes, you might see her named Greta Morgan, but that is not her actual name. It is a stage name. I would like to think she took my friend Jeffrey Morgan’s last name. They shared a moment once, and I am a little jealous.

Greta plays piano. And guitar. But mostly piano. She used to play with a band called The Hush Sound, but they are on hiatus now (although they are doing a couple shows in Feb. 2012). Continue reading

I bet it was a bumpy ride

A little over a month ago, my wife and I went to her parents’. While I was working on my computer (because that is often where I work), I was listening to music (also, because that is often what I do while I work). Most of it was generally folky, but there was some other stuff. Like Dispatch’s newest EP. Continue reading