The Itch that You Can Scratch

This is Jer.

I have to warn you: if you are like my mother, you probably will not like most of the music by this band. Just FYI.

My friend Jer introduced me to a trio from England called TAT last week. The lead singer’s name is Tatiana DeMaria. Jer initially described her as “a little rough around the edges.” I would call that an understatement.

At first, I thought she sounded like a lot of other girl punk rock singers (and when I say punk rock, there should be a lot more emphasis on the punk bit).

Not that I dislike it. The more I listen, the more I think it fits. However, I can only listen to so much of their music all at once. I have to break it up. Some of it is just so angry, and I am more of a positive mental attitude kind of guy. Not that holding anger in is a good thing. I think music is a great way to let it out. I just do not feel like letting so much of it out all at once all the time. Just every once in a while.

This definitely fills a role in my auditory diet that is sometimes filled by Paramore or Rancid or Metallica, but now it can be filled by one band that, I feel, is a blend of all three, albeit more Paramore and Rancid.

So here is a song off an acoustic ep they did. It is the only video from that ep that did not swear, and you never know who is reading this (mom, that means you). This particular song while not making me feel angry, does make me feel whatever that emotion is right after you vent the anger. You are still breathing hard, your blood pressure is up, but there is nothing left inside. You know that feeling?

I know it is not terribly poetic, but I like the way she turns common phrases around. Like,

Every silver lining has its cloud

or whathaveyou. Anyway, enjoy.


3 thoughts on “The Itch that You Can Scratch

  1. I’m constantly surprised at how long it takes me to actually listen to the lyrics long enough to decipher what they are. Not being very familiar with Metallica I hadn’t noticed the influence, but there’s deffinately some metal influence going on. I like how her acoustic versions sometimes have a swing feel to them. Punk made swing is kind of fun.

    • You are right. I had not noticed the little swing she throws in there. It is not quite enough to change the style, but it is a nice little flair of flavor.

      I know “Punk goes Pop,” but they should do a “Punk goes Swing” or “Punk goes Jazz.” I am not sure how they would do some of the big band charts, but I could see bands like RX Bandits covering some of Coltrane’s, Davis’s or Parker’s later stuff. It would be interesting to say the least.

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