That Doesn’t Even Rhyme

My sister-in-law Megan showed me this guy on YouTube. He goes by the name Pogo. He is from Australia and he takes sound bytes from a film and re-sequences the clips together to form a new piece of electronic music.

Here is what he did using sound clips from “UP”

I think it is neat. I am not sure that I would call him a musician, because he does not actually create any of the sounds, but he does write cool stuff. He is an artist.

He has videos up based on Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland,” Harry Potter, Hook, Toy Story, Lord of the Rings and Terminator 2 as well.

And I think it is interesting that the UP video feels like the movie, bittersweet. If I could put a sound to the Alice video, it would sound like being on something like Valium (not that I condone doing drugs). The Harry Potter and Hook videos sound magical and fantastical, the Lord of the Rings video sounds epic, and the Terminator video sounds like a cybernetic nightmare.

I cannot listen to these all the time, but when I need background music, I will turn to YouTube and put on the playlist I have of my favorites.

There are other movies he does, like The Sword in the Stone, but I just do not think they are as good.

Sometimes when I am listening to them using my headphones, I begin to sing along. Which is unfortunate because there are not actually lyrics. There are just noises.

I do not think I could ever produce something like this. Even though it is not my preferred style of music, I have to admit this is praiseworthy.

I will leave you with this video, which is just a mash-up of a lot of Disney movies. He calls it “Bloom”


3 thoughts on “That Doesn’t Even Rhyme

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