Hay mas sitio para usted

I wrote this in Inglés as well. If you want that version, click here . I figured since this is in Spanish, I would write it in Spanish.

My sister told me I should listen to Ricardo Arjona. Gave me three CD’s and listened to them.

I have to be honest, the first time I heard his album “Adentro,” I thought, “Well, I is not Mana or Nek, but I like it ok.”

And then I decided to do a post on the album. So I listened a few more times. While I was doing work or at home or while he was saving the princess brown beasts.

And you know what? I love it.

The first time I heard it, two songs came to me.

First, “Goodbye Melancholy.” When I hear this song, it made me want to be in a musical where I am in Central Park and there is a crowd of people around, all singing and dancing with me. As the.

Or she (but not because I am not a “she”)

I liked the other is “I Like You Want To.” It’s pretty angry, I feel. I especially like the second verse where it says:

I could give up, lose my freedom,
I want to as I hope,
I could walk in the fire,
to make you want me like I want.

Some of the piano riff in the beginning and the violin in the middle (it was not like a guitar solo, but I like anyway) caught my attention.

After listening to this album a few more times, I heard the mandolin in “Of Time in Month” and “Penguins in bed.” And when I heard “Wet,” was pretty sure he was listening to them.

And when I listened more, I’m sure it’s a sarcastic song paisas trying to reconquer the land northward.

Listening to “No Me Importa Nada” I felt like I was listening to Santana, and “Bar” is definitely something you expect to hear on a jazz lounge in Mexico.

In the end, I really liked this disk. I was surprised. I’ll get more of the music of Arjona. Look for it later.


4 thoughts on “Hay mas sitio para usted

  1. Por que vos escribiste en español yo tambien voy a dejar mi reply en español. Estamos felices que te gustó Arjona. No me gustaba tanto al principio pero ahora si. Viste el dvd?
    Quien te tomó la foto de tu blog? Está chevere.
    Estaba escuchando en Pandora y oí esta cancion de Julieta Venegas (tengo un cd de ella si lo queres prestar). No sabia que su musica era asi, nunca habia puesto atencion, pero ella esta tocando acordion y tiene tuba. Busqué en Youtube y lo encontré.

    Tengo varios cd’s en español, si queres prestar mas.

    • No he visto el DVD. De verdad, pienso que para ver un concierto, debes irse. Nunca vería un concierto sentado en la sofa a casa.
      Descubrí Julieta Venegas en Michigan. Tengo un disco que se llama “sí,” y me gusta mucho.

      De cuál foto hablas? Tengo algunos y cambia cada vez que hace un click.

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