Hay mas sitio para usted

So my sister suggested I listen to Ricardo Arjona. She gave me a couple CD’s and I did.

I have to be honest, The first time I listened to his “Adentro” album, I thought, “Well, it is not Maná or Nek, but I like it ok.”

And then I decided I should write about it. So I listened to it a few more times. While I was doing work or homework or saving the princess from the dark beast.

And you know what? I really like it.

The first time I listened to it, two songs popped out at me.

First, “Adiós Melancolía.” When I hear this song, it made me want to be in a musical where I am in Central Park and there is a crowd of random people all singing and dancing with me. Like this guy.

Or her (but not, because I am not a “her”)

The other I really liked is “Para Que Quieras Como Quiero.” It is rather angry, I feel. I especially like the second verse where he says,

Podría claudicar, perder mi libertad,
para que me quieras como espero,
Podría caminar en el fuego,
para que me quieras como quiero.

Which I could give you a direct translation for, but I just do not think it would do it justice. suffice it to say, he would do anything if this girl would just love him like he wants her to. Something about the piano riff at the beginning and the violin work in the middle (which was not like some serious shredding guitar solo, but still fitting) caught my attention.

After listening to this album a few more times, I noticed the mandolin work in “De Vez en Mes” and “Pingüinos en la Cama.” And when I heard “Mojado,” I was pretty sure I was listening to these guys

And the more I listened to it, the more I am sure Arjona is sarcastically singing about his paisanos … retaking the land northward.

Listening to “No Me Importa Nada” I felt like I was listening to Santana, and “Bar” is definitely something I would expect to hear in a jazz lounge in Mexico.

All in all, I really liked this album. I was pleasantly surprised. I am going to look for more of his stuff. It will show up later.


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