It’s driving me mad

You probably could have guessed this was coming.

It is a post about The Beatles.

More precisely, it is a post about their 1969 “Abbey Road.”

First things first. Just look at the album cover. Then tell me it is not one of the most famous album covers ever. Actually, it is so famous, it is IN-famous. This helped fuel the whole “Paul is Dead” rumors that were floating around, and the BBC wrote a whole article about the album cover and included the conspiracy theories. They already talked about it, so I will move on.

On a side note, a blog showed up in Aug. 2008, suggesting album cover art was dead. Unfortunately, I might have to agree. Look at Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest album.

Do you ever hear a song and it sparks some random memory? The Beatles’ bluesy “Come Together” does that to me. It reminds me of my uncle Jonathan. I remember driving in his Rav 4 or Tracker or Isuzu or whatever it was and him singing that distinctive guitar and bass riff.

Actually, this whole album reminds me of junior high (or maybe high school), laying on the floor of my room, and playing with Legos.Lego

Frankly, I cannot think of a better way to start an album. It gets your attention and it keeps it. And 45 minutes later when you finish having your mind blown by the rest of the album, you still remember that very first lick.

I have to keep moving, or this will turn into a very long blog. So I am opting to skip the poppier “Something.”

And all I am going to say about “Maxwell’s Silver Hammers” is I love the feel of the song. The lyrics are not my favorite. They are quirky and kind of fun (I am not typically that cheerful about destroying others’ lives), but I think that is the appeal; a happy little song about killing people.

In the same vein of liking a song but not knowing why exactly, I like the swampy feel of “Oh! Darling.” It feels rather desperate. It feels like Paul is just trying to so hard to be with this woman, and once that happens he will be free to be happy. But it just is not working out.

“Octopus’s Garden” reminds me of two things. First, there used to be a ride a Disneyland called the “Submarine Voyage thru liquid space.” I am not sure they had yellow submarines or an octopus with a garden of shiny things, but I always think “Beatles” whenever I think of that ride, and vice versa. The other thing I think of is an ex-girlfriend who said this was her favorite Beatles song.

Like “Maxwell” before it, this one is a happy little jaunt under the sea. For some reason, because it is Ringo’s, it is more expected than when Paul writes like this.

And then we come to “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).” It is long. It is hard. It has a little jazz in the middle. And it has some of the easiest words to remember of any Beatles song. All that makes it one of the first Prog Rock songs I know of. I am generally not a fan of white noise, but I love the way it ends, and I think the white noise helps make that effective. And being the end of that side of the record makes it even more effective. Those chords over and over do two things to me. 1) They, like the lyrics indicate, drive me mad. They just keep going and going and going. 2) They make me think that if I were ever on drugs, I would really like music like this. But I am not. And I am not planning on it. The closest I have been was when I got my wisdom teeth out and I was on Valium.

I am running long, and that is driving me mad, too. So, I think I will leave you with that for now. Originally, I planned on making one post every Wednesday, so look for the b-side to this post next week, and I will tell you why I chose to write about this album at this time.


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