You and I will be young forever

I have to start by saying that I am not really a fan of Katy Perry. However, she does write a catchy song.

So the way to fix that is have someone cover a Katy Perry song.

Enter The Rescues. They were independent singer/songwriters who decided to get together in 2008. From their website,

“Though they didn’t realize it then, these two guys and two girls — each a fish-out-of-water in their Southern hometowns — were united in their imperatives to move out West. North Carolina-native England was more of an alt-country artist; Gonzalez, from Miami, crafted folk-pop; and Texans Giles and Mann specialized in swelling rock and epic ballads. They’d occasionally share the stage, write a song, even tour together, but the idea of joining forces didn’t dawn on them until a mutual friend suggested they collaborate.”

And you can tell they each come from somewhere completely different just by the way they look.

The Rescues, live. From left to right: Rob Giles, Kyler England, Gabriel Mann, and Adrianne Gonzalez.

I do not really remember who showed me this video of their cover of “Teenage Dream,” but I was missing something before and I did not even know it.

First. Listen to those harmonies. That is one thing Katy Perry does not do. And it is something we could use more of. Go listen to the original version and then come back and tell me it does not sound hollow compared to this version.

Go ahead. I will wait.

The Rescues’ website says “they are, beguilingly, more powerful than the sum of their parts,” which I think is due, in part, to those harmonies.

James Montgomery, of MTV, wrote an article when Katy Perry’s single came out. He made it sound like the lyrics were about the feelings of commitment and security that love brings. The Rescues’ version seems to turn that up-side down. The song seems desperate; like they want those feelings, but can not quite grasp them. Or like they do not know where to look for love.

The Rescues: Teenage DreamThe Rescues released the song as a single as well. They have a whole album. I will talk about it later. I just wanted to talk a little about a band which helped change my view of music; its purpose and what it can do.

And that makes me feel like I really could be young forever.


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