Hay mas sitio para usted

So my sister suggested I listen to Ricardo Arjona. She gave me a couple CD’s and I did.

I have to be honest, The first time I listened to his “Adentro” album, I thought, “Well, it is not Maná or Nek, but I like it ok.”

And then I decided I should write about it. So I listened to it a few more times. While I was doing work or homework or saving the princess from the dark beast.

And you know what? I really like it.

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And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make

Side two. If you missed side one, you can find it here.

Of all the songs that make me happy and hopeful, none does it quite as well as George Harrison’s folky “Here Comes the Sun.”

Written in Eric Clapton’s garden in the spring of ’69, nothing else makes me feel so … optimistic. I live in northern Utah, and when Harrison said in his autobiography,

It seems as if winter in England goes on forever, by the time spring comes you really deserve it.

I know exactly what he is talking about. My town goes is like this

Notice the horrendous quantities of white and the leafless trees.

for about 7 months every year. And when it turns into this

Notice the bounteous foliage. Compare with photo above.

The sun finally comes out from behind the smog and the mountains, and even if it is only 40 degrees outside, you feel like putting on your flip-flops, shorts, and sun-glasses just to welcome the change. If you have never really been a Beatles fan, I would suggest listening to this song.

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It’s driving me mad

You probably could have guessed this was coming.

It is a post about The Beatles.

More precisely, it is a post about their 1969 “Abbey Road.”

First things first. Just look at the album cover. Then tell me it is not one of the most famous album covers ever. Actually, it is so famous, it is IN-famous. This helped fuel the whole “Paul is Dead” rumors that were floating around, and the BBC wrote a whole article about the album cover and included the conspiracy theories. They already talked about it, so I will move on.

On a side note, a blog showed up in Aug. 2008, suggesting album cover art was dead. Unfortunately, I might have to agree. Look at Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest album.

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It’s gonna be a long, long time.

Once upon a time, I heard this story on NPR’s “This American Life.”

The show takes the classifieds from one Sunday edition of the “Chicago Sun-Times and one edition of the local alternative weekly “Chicago Reader,” and fills a program with stories that come from the ads, getting a portrait of the whole city.

Episode 223: “Classifieds” originally aired on Oct. 11, 2002.

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